October Status and Announcement


My last status update was a big one. In it I announced that I’d decided to independently publish Yesterday’s DemonsNow, two months later, I estimate the third draft of the novel is 65% complete. I’m very happy with the progress I’ve been making.

But back when I decided to independently publish, another question I’d been pondering instantly became a no-brainer. So here’s today’s announcement:

Yesterday’s Demons will be book one of a trilogy.

I know, this probably isn’t a huge surprise. Isn’t it the law in 47 states that all fantasy novels must be part of at least a trilogy if not a longer series? But I’d resisted allowing myself to think too much about the larger story I wanted to tell until I’d secured a publisher. Once I did, the floodgates opened. So in addition to all of the work I’ve been doing on the latest draft of Yesterday’s Demons, I’ve also been giving a lot of preliminary thought to the next two books. I wouldn’t call this thought “Book 2 Pre-Writing” just yet. But it’s close.

Finally, eagle-eyed readers will note that I’ve removed Simon Bradley and the X-Ray Specs from the Project Tracker over in the sidebar. I only did this because it had been sitting there at 100% complete for some time now. I do still plan to return to that book and get a second draft of it completed, but right now, I’m focused on my trilogy.

Lots of other great stuff keeps happening behind the scenes, and when I have more to report, I’ll report it here. Thanks so much for your support and for reading.

Deus vobiscum.

Publication announcement

im-going-on-an-adventure I haven’t posted an update on what I’ve been working on for a couple of months, so it’s time to do that. It’s also time for a fairly major announcement.

June was a busy month for reasons that had nothing to do with my writing (unfortunately). My family and I sold our house and moved to temporary dwellings while our new house is being built. That took up just a tad bit of time. I’ve now established a temporary office and made some significant progress on the third draft of Yesterday’s Demons during the rest of June and July.

And that leads me to my announcement. I’ve decided to independently publish Yesterday’s Demons. I put a lot of thought and prayer into this decision and I strongly feel it is the right one. Therefore, based on my current projected schedule, I can say that I expect Yesterday’s Demons to be available in ebook sometime in the first half of 2016. I also have plans to publish it in paperback, but on Day 1, it will be exclusively an ebook. Expect a lot more details on this in the months to come.

I do still plan to return to Simon Bradley and the X-Ray Specs and get a second draft of that book completed. But I’m not sure when at this point.

I’m beyond excited about this. I feel like Bilbo Baggins running through the Shire. “I’m going on an adventure!” I’ll have a lot more related news in the coming weeks and months, and I can’t wait to share it with you. Keep reading!

Making time to write

I was going to post a round-up of what work I accomplished in May but I was a bit embarrassed to see I accomplished so little. I started reading the first draft of Simon Bradley and the X-Ray Specs to my children; they like it so far. Early in the book, my eldest said, “Daddy, I think the main villains of this book are the Soviets.” I said no, they’re not, but to 1960s America, they were.

I started the third draft of Yesterday’s Demons. This will largely be a copy edit draft, though there will be a handful of small scenes added thanks to a great suggestion from my beta reader niece. But if you glance at the Project Tracker, I’m only at 10%, and that is with a couple of June days of work added into the mix. I should be farther along than that.

The thing is: life got in the way last month. But I can’t complain, because it’s all great stuff, especially the birth of my latest daughter. June also looks like it will be pretty intense, but here’s to being more than 20% done at the end of the month.

There are days where I’m too exhausted to do anything, but I still get a very tall cup of coffee and write, because writing is my Must. (And hey — “Should and Must” is a book now. I plan to read it very, very soon.) As Stephen King once wrote (and as KM Alexander recently quoted), “Amateurs sit and wait for inspiration, the rest of us just get up and go to work.”

I am not trying to compare myself to the late, great Elmore Leonard in any way, but everything he says in the video below rings so true for me. We make the time for writing because it’s what we want to do more than anything else. And here’s your Friday video. Take it away, Elmore:

April status report

April is less than an hour away from being over here in Central Daylight Time.  I only worked on one project this month and that was Simon Bradley and the X-Ray Specs.  I’m really happy to announce that the Project Tracker over in the sidebar has been updated because I just finished the first draft!  It came in at 67, 544 words.

What especially jazzes me about this is that I only started writing it — pre-writing and actual writing — in February.  This draft just poured out of me.  As I always do, I plan to let this draft sit for a while now as I unleash it upon my beta readers.  Between them and time, I’m sure I’ll come back to it with more than a few changes to make.

I can’t wait to introduce all of you to Simon and the crazy things that happen to him after he moves to Santa Lucia, California, and someday I promise to do just that.

I suppose three other noteworthy events also happened this month.  First, I officially launched this website.  Second, I officially launched my Facebook page.  And third, I officially launched my Twitter page.  I use the word “launched” precisely because it sounds so much better than “I started using this thing and I hope you’ll like it.”