April status report

April is less than an hour away from being over here in Central Daylight Time.  I only worked on one project this month and that was Simon Bradley and the X-Ray Specs.  I’m really happy to announce that the Project Tracker over in the sidebar has been updated because I just finished the first draft!  It came in at 67, 544 words.

What especially jazzes me about this is that I only started writing it — pre-writing and actual writing — in February.  This draft just poured out of me.  As I always do, I plan to let this draft sit for a while now as I unleash it upon my beta readers.  Between them and time, I’m sure I’ll come back to it with more than a few changes to make.

I can’t wait to introduce all of you to Simon and the crazy things that happen to him after he moves to Santa Lucia, California, and someday I promise to do just that.

I suppose three other noteworthy events also happened this month.  First, I officially launched this website.  Second, I officially launched my Facebook page.  And third, I officially launched my Twitter page.  I use the word “launched” precisely because it sounds so much better than “I started using this thing and I hope you’ll like it.”