Winter fire

I’m writing this on one of South Texas’s few days of cold, which means I’m writing it in front of a raging fire. I love fireplaces, especially brick ones, and especially stone ones. Maybe one of the reasons I love fantasy so much is because fantasy books feature so many scenes in taverns and inns and castles with massive stone hearths. The fireplace at Bag End sets the scene for Frodo’s quest in Lord of the Rings. My favorite location in all of The Sword of Shanara is the Ohmsford family inn because of its enormous centerpiece fireplace. And the great Calcifer from Howl’s Moving Castle is more or less a living, magical fireplace.

If you’re not lucky enough to have a fireplace at your disposal, or if you’re stuck at the office on a cold day, Friday Morning Videos has you covered. Here’re a full 8 hours of HD fireplace. Stay warm!

Black Friday Dollar Store

I’d say you’re probably reading this while waiting in line at Target or JC Penney, but is Black Friday morning even a thing anymore? Or do we now make all retail professionals work Thanksgiving afternoon and evening?

Wherever you’re getting your Friday Morning Video fix, here’s an appropriate-for-the-day gem from Improv Everywhere: Black Friday at the dollar store!


¡Felíz Cumpleaños, Mickey!

Two days ago, two friends of mine celebrated a birthday: my friend Zack and Mickey Mouse. Mickey is 88 this year. “Steamboat Willie,” Mickey’s first cartoon, premiered on November 18, 1928.

Walt Disney Studios is still making Mickey Mouse cartoons. The latest series of them started in 2013, and they are some of my family’s absolute favorite things to watch. For Mickey’s birthday, a new one was released. If you’ve seen the series, you know that when I call it the craziest one yet, I’m making a pretty bold statement. Look for cameo appearances from José Carioca (who also appeared in “O Futebol Clássico”) and, in his Mickey Mouse debut, Panchito Pistoles!

Satisfaction of the Soul

Today’s Friday morning video combines the words of Bill Watterson with some artwork inspired by his to make something special.

If you’re not spending your life doing exactly what you most feel called to do, try spending some time this weekend thinking about how you could.


Friends of Babe

My beloved Rose is a big fan of talking animals. Babe is one of her favorite, and most quoted, films. (“Pigs are definitely stupid…”) There is also a small handful of videos that make her laugh almost to the point of wetting her pants. Today’s Friday Morning Video lies at the intersection of those two loves. What better way to celebrate the first Friday in Rose birth month? Enjoy your weekend and your talking animals.


Japanese Elevator Prank

Happy Halloween! I hope your Friday morning cereal today was one of the monster cereals. For your Friday morning video, enjoy a Japanese prank show clip. I don’t understand a word that is said on Japanese prank shows, but laughter is the universal language. This one might not be entirely funny, though. It might just be scary.


The Seven Point System, Finale

Happy Friday! Here’s part five of Dan Wells‘s presentation on Seven Point Story Structure, the grand finale in which Dan demonstrates how all of your seven point plots can come together into key scenes that prove the power is in you!


Seven Point Story Structure Videos:

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