Tomorrow’s Shepherd

All technology on planet Verde broke two centuries ago, but Fritz Reinhardt has the power of hyper-intuition. He figured out how to fix it, and now he dreams of a worldwide restoration making daily life easier all over the world. It was a big deal for quiet and socially awkward Fritz to make his dream public, but the benefits of repairing pre-Blackout antique relics are too enormous to ignore: more education, better communication, and longer life expectancy.

But it could be over sooner than he thinks. Some see his dream as a nightmare, and these critics have a powerful ally in Lady Verde. The spirit of the planet remembers the environmental damage chipware did to her in the past, and she demands an end to the restoration. She’s even willing to resurrect the worst chipware the planet has ever seen, the giant Steelterrors, to prove her point. How can Fritz build a better tomorrow if the planet itself fights against him?

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Meet the main characters
Fritz | Annalie | Lady Verde | Cassie | Siv

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