Yesterdays Demons Cover Final (Small)

Yesterday’s Demons

The Verdant Revival, Book 1

When he was a boy, Siv McCaig came face-to-face with a monster. After a childhood lived in fear, he encountered it again.

Siv just wants to work his trade as a blacksmith, play cards at the saloon, and watch the stars. But he’ll never be at peace without answers. What was the monster that burned down his house? Where did it come from? And will it ever come back again?

His search becomes a battle for his planet’s survival. Only two things might keep all of Verde from falling to the horrors of Siv’s nightmares, but they’ve been lost for two hundred years: technology and magic.

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Simon Bradley and the X-Ray Specs (temporary cover)

Simon Bradley and the X-Ray Specs

Young Adult Science Fiction

It’s 1962 and freshman Simon Bradley’s new friends have some amazing toys: hand buzzers that can power light bulbs, fake peanut cans with live snakes inside, and x-ray specs that let the wearer see other people’s bones and underwear.

Simon is crazy about science and has to know how the “gags” work. Lucky for him, the company that makes them is located right in his new town. But something else that wants the secret is also in Santa Lucia: invaders from another world!

Can a group of freshmen save the Earth? In high school, nothing is what it seems.

Status: Writing first draft.  Temporary cover pictured.