Yesterday’s Demons on sale tomorrow

Yesterdays Demons Cover Final (Small)I admit it: the day I was first able to search Amazon for my name or my book title and have an actual honest-to-goodness product come up in the search results, available for pre-order, was pretty cool. Tomorrow it’s not a pre-order anymore. It’s live!

Langston Hughes famously asked what happens to a dream deferred? My dream of being a published writer was deferred for a long time, mostly because I thought the odds were against me. I thought no one would be interested in my work. I thought I’d end up a starving artist, unable or barely able to provide for myself, let alone a wife and family. I let other interests take over my attention and my heart.

To answer Hughes’s question, my deferred dream waited patiently and kept reminding me it was there. One day I finally listened. The first fruit of that decision goes on sale tomorrow.

I’ve spent the last month chattering about this book’s pending release. I’ve let you know every spoiler-free thing I could. (And believe me, that has not always been easy because this book has a lot of spoilers.) There’s probably only one thing left to say.

I think Yesterday’s Demons is such a cool story, and I think you’re going to love it, and I hope you’ll stick around for more of my stories.

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