Read an excerpt from Yesterday’s Demons

Yesterdays Demons Cover Final (Small)I’m so excited to share chapter one of Yesterday’s Demons with you.

When Siv McCaig has an encounter with a monster he thought long gone, the monster responsible for his every nightmare and paranoid fear, he realizes he’ll never be at peace until he has answers. What was the monster that came to his house when he was a boy? Why did it come back? And how can he be done with it for good?

This excerpt takes place on the terrible night his fears were born, the night Siv first encountered his demon.

Check it out and let me know what you think.

Yesterday’s Demons is available for ebook pre-order now and will be released on April 12.

One thought on “Read an excerpt from Yesterday’s Demons

  1. […] Michael Ripplinger graciously consented to answer some questions about himself and his upcoming YA Fantasy novel, Yesterday’s Demons. I had the opportunity to read an early version of the book, and I enjoyed it greatly. It has monsters, swords, adventure, budding romance, character growth, epic story, and some great secrets to learn along the way. What’s not to like? You can read the first chapter right now for free on Michael’s blog. […]

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