Yesterday’s Demons cover reveal

It’s time! Without further ado, here’s the cover of Yesterday’s Demons:

Yesterdays Demons Cover Final (Small)

I wanted this cover to do a lot. I wanted it to show the story’s hero, Siv McCaig, and one of the savage white demons. I wanted it to be an action scene, and I wanted it to demonstrate the story’s fantasy and Western elements.

It was a tall order, but artist Stuart Harrington of StuArtStudios nailed it! Working with Stu was a blast. He completely understood what I wanted Yesterday’s Demons to look like right from the beginning.

Doesn’t it look like Siv is about a second away from yanking his sword, the Dragon Slayer, off his back and slashing that white demon apart? Doesn’t it look like the white demon might be a single claw swipe away from ending Siv first?

Yesterday’s Demons, book 1 of The Verdant Revival, will be on sale this Spring.

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