2015: The Year of Fatigue

Voyager-YearOfHellFor a while, I called last year “The Year of Hell” in a nod to the classic Star Trek: Voyager two-parter. I stopped using this moniker for a few reasons. First, it was pathetically dramatic. Second, it was wildly inappropriate when there are Syrian refugees and parents with missing children and victims of senseless gun violence in the world. Finally, it was wrong because pretty much everything that happened to me  in 2015 was not just good but great.

But there was so much stuff going on at the same time, it left me drained and exhausted. Constantly. Hence: the Year of Fatigue.

We went on one of our best vacations ever (Disneyland, Los Angeles, and the San Diego Zoo – ah, California). We welcomed the arrival of our latest baby girl. We cleaned up and packed up our old house, sold it at a good profit, and used the proceeds to buy the newly-built house of our dreams. Rod Serling returned from the dead and wrote seventeen new Twilight Zone scripts. (OK, so that last one didn’t happen.)

The only problem is: all of this happened at the same time. Case in point: Rose and I signed the initial acceptance of the offer on our old house in her hospital room, hours after she had just given birth. I wish I was kidding.

It all started to take more of a toll on me than I at first realized. I even had two genuinely scary moments. There was the day I said to myself, “Nice weather for this time of year” only to realize I couldn’t remember what time of year it was. December? June? For about thirty seconds, I had no idea. At last, I walked to the wall calendar and learned it was April.

Just recently, in the midst of unpacking boxes at our new house, I had to call Rose out to the driveway to remind me how to release the parking brake from our car. I’d stared at the console for some time trying to remember how to do this thing I had done a hundred times before, and I simply couldn’t.

The Year of Fatigue. The wonderful, amazing, but oh so tiring Year of Fatigue.

Despite all of that, I managed to get a fair bit of work done, too. In my next “reflections on 2015” post, I’ll go into that. But for now… I’m tired.

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