The Seven Point System, Part 1

It was inevitable that at some point, I was going to feature my favorite writing video series as one of my Friday Videos. So here it is! Dan Wells is by far my favorite of the four authors on Writing Excuses. His advice is always spot-on, never pretentious, and is delivered with wicked humor. Just like the video series you’re about to see!

If you’ve never seen Wells’s presentation on the Seven Point Story Structure (sometimes called 7PP for Seven Point Plot), you’re in for a treat. He not only explains it thoroughly, he puts all sorts of stories from all sorts of genres through it to show off its universal usefulness.

I can’t remember if it is in this video series or in an episode of Writing Excuses, but I’m fairly certain I once heard Wells say that he doesn’t necessarily consciously make a 7PP for each of his books, but when he gets stuck on a plot, he falls back to this technique to figure out why. I’m much the same.

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