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Introvert, Dear recently posted “10 Signs You’re Actually an INFJ Personality Type, Not an INTJ” by Jenn Granneman and it was so me I thought maybe I’d written it and somehow forgotten. Like Granneman, I once took a Myers-Briggs type that identified be as INTJ. When I looked over the description of the typical INTJ, I said the same thing Bruce Wayne said in Batman (1989): “Some of it is very much me. Some of it isn’t.” A later test labelled me INFJ and — tada! — I’d found the key to greater self-understanding that knowing your Myers-Briggs type can tell you.

Here are two of the signs that you’re INFJ, not INTJ:

Conflict is distressing. You take disagreements and criticism personally. Your feelings can be hurt by what others say. You may find yourself ruminating on an off-hand remark a loved one makes or a negative comment your boss gives you on an evaluation. A romantic relationship or a friendship quickly sours for you if there are frequent fights, drama, and a general lack of positive feelings. INTJs get their feelings hurt too, but they view criticism through the lens of logic, not emotion, so they are less likely to take harsh words to heart.

You use your emotions and personal values to navigate the world. It’s more important to you that your decisions feel right rather than make logical sense (although as an INFJ, you rarely lack common sense). You not only take your own feelings into account but also the emotions of others, because you care deeply about how your actions affect those around you. Of course, INTJs care about others too, especially those closest to them, but they make decisions by asking what works or what makes sense. They value using time and resources efficiently more so than catering to people’s personal preferences.

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