Yesterday’s Demons playlist

Music is one of my most generous muses. It helps me to visualize scenes and characters and has even inspired some of my stories. While writing Yesterday’s Demons, I had a specific playlist that I listened to over and over. I think of it as the soundtrack for the book. Here are the songs from it along with what they represent in the story, and why I chose them.

The Verdant Revival Theme Song
“Burning in my Soul” by Matt Maher
When Maher sings, “We’re calling for revival!” I can’t help but think of The Verdant Revival‘s three young protagonists. Each is seeking to change the world in some way and each is feeling a stirring inside, a call to something greater — a burning in his/her soul. This is a song about the first Pentecost so while it’s not a literal fit for the series theme song, it is highly tonally appropriate.

Siv’s Theme
“Everything is Everything” by Face to Face
“I can’t change what’s in the past / I want to move ahead / I want to understand it / Give me the reason why / I’m tired of running these circles in my life.” Having questions about the past and wanting to understand and overcome it? That’s not just Siv’s character arc, that’s the very title of the book. Also, this song’s thundering guitar riffs are the perfect accompaniment for Siv’s horse Tobias charging across the plain, or for Siv swinging his sword across attacking white demons.

Cassie’s Theme
“Straight Ahead” by David Cook
The driving guitars of this song and the chorus that sings of keeping the focus on “Straight Ahead” epitomize Cassie’s drive and determination to carry out her plan. Nothing will get in her way.

Fritz’s Theme
“Shapes” by Alcohol Funnycar
This one had less to do with the lyrics and more to do with the music. The meandering, thoughtful lead guitar melodies on top of the slow but steady beat just made me think of Fritz.

Eroica’s Theme
“Searchlights” by David Cook
To me, this one is near perfect. “Where did you hide yourself?” the song’s first line asks of the woman who has been waiting for two hundred years. Every line of this song contains all of the hurt and pain — and rage — that is Eroica. “Better now to close this puppet show / And say that it’s the end / But for me, could you ready yourself / And hold on for a moment?”

Krulgoth’s Theme
“Battery” by Metallica
The drums and guitars in this song sound like… well, like someone is committing battery. I can imagine an army of white demons tearing apart the Mantissa Citadel to the music of this song. On top of that, the lyrics speak to Krulgoth: obsession, insanity, destroying the weak.

Song of Siv’s fear
“Breaking You” by Audrey Assad
This one is perhaps the most perfect of all. Assad sings this song to someone who has been broken by some kind of hurt in the past, but she assures this person that help is coming, all that person has to do is hold out his hand. Siv’s help arrives in the middle of the night on the banks of the Ulster River, once he makes the first move and reaches out his hand.

“Closing Credits” song
“Rocket” by Smashing Pumpkins
The ending refrain of “I shall be free!” summarizes the end of Siv’s journey, and the start of a new one.

Second “Closing Credits” song
“Bright” by Echosmith
All I’m going to say about this one is that it celebrates a new love with lyrics heavy in stargazing imagery. If I didn’t know any better, I’d have thought Echosmith wrote this song just for my story.

I have a Spotify Playlist that contains most of these songs. The two David Cook songs are not available there, but they can be found on YouTube:

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